I am Lynné De Jager

I am strong yet gentle.
I am successful, but also playful.
I love my career just as much as I love my family.
I am educated and equal.
I am no fantasy.
I am real woman.


The Cosmetology

The Collection

What makes me different

the LJ brand

The creation behind the brand draws inspiration from individuality. The freedom for women to express their personas. The brand is passionate about making women realise their best attribute as living their own truth and wearing the LJ brand is all any woman needs to round off her own perfection.

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The Cosmetology

Welcome to the edgy world of LJ COSMETOLOGY by Lynné de Jager where we stand for embracing womanhood, sexuality and the finer things in life.

The creation behind the brand draws inspiration from individuality. The freedom for women to express their personas. The brand is passionate about making women realize their best attribute is their persona and wearing our brand will make them feel like the best versions of themselves.

LJ COSMETOLOGY is a specially formulated lipstick range that offer rich bold shades, with intense colour pay-off. It contains a combination of ingredients that will allow a flawless, smooth, velvety, MATT finish, while moisturizing your lips making it more comfortable to wear. Its 100% animal cruelty free and a Proudly South Africa product formulated by Lynnè de Jager

Since childhood Lynné has had an interesting relationship with lipstick. Early childhood photos always had one thing in common – a handbag, sunglasses and blood red lips. She has had a love affair with this particular cosmetic product for all her life.
“Lipstick, depending on the color puts me in a certain mood. I find it empowering, definitive and an extension of my personality on any given day. This is why I decided to create five unique personas in the new range to reflect every woman’s need and whim
through the artful expression of makeup”.

LJ COSMETOLOGY brings to life a new era in the art of the perfect lip with five carefully crafted and completely individual colors , each with their own Persona.

We believe our lipsticks won’t kiss and tell!

Take a peek inside my favourite products

The Collection

LJ COLLECTION is a Proudly South African Company, producing a 100% Leather Handbag, Luggage and Accessory range.

The company established itself as a market leader with a niche brand since 2015 and has delivered some exceptional designs of quality with the GENIUNE CORK, LEATHER and BRASS collection. Items such as laptop bags, overnight bags and handbags -to only name a few- forms part of the LJ COLLECTION range.

Our home-grown factory is situated in the heart of Pretoria where dedication to quality is key in every detail of design. We strive to continually seek creative and innovative ideas to retain our leadership in the industry by providing the best service and value to our customers at all times

The concept of establishing a company that focus on the creation of Proudly South African unique luggage and accessories items was initiated by the current owner and founder, former Mrs. South Africa, Lynné de Jager.

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my story

About the brand

Lynné de Jager is a former Mrs South Africa and successful business woman. Her brands LJ COSMETOLOGY / LJ COLLECTION has taken the country by storm and will no doubt have major global success. She is happily married with a son by their side and her family is the most important to her.

From a young age, Lynné always had a natural apt for business. From sunglasses, bags, lipstick and a love for all things pretty to working in her uncle’s bakery behind the counter, she has always felt at home helping people and doing what she loves.

For her, this is more than just a business. It is her way to showcase who she is and to connect with others. She has always loved making things with her hands and finding new and unique ways to bring the beauty of everyday objects to life. She tries to put a unique twist on things that people love, a LJ twist.

Since 2011 she has been creating the brand what it is today and through her experience and connections she created a sophisticated and unique fashion trend. She started her handbag COLLECTION in 2015 and the COSMETOLOGY line in 2017. She aspires to bring quality, brand trust and authenticity through her brand.

She loves being involved in the whole process of making her clients happy, doing what she loves and bringing the beauty of everyday objects to life.

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Groenkloof, Pretoria. South Africa

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